Vocational Training in SA: Skilled. Thriving. Connected.

26 Mar, 2024

Vocational Training in SA is set for a significant boost, with the South Australian Government having released a new skills policy – the first in over a decade – which will drive reform and investment in training over the next 10 years.

Quality Training for South Australians

The vision of this policy direction is to develop highly adaptable skilled people who contribute to a thriving South Australia and are supported by a connected skills system.

Reform, strong partnerships, and shared responsibilities will be fundamental to achieving this vision. All VET stakeholders play a role in improving completion rates and learner outcomes to address skills shortages and ensure value from public investment.

ARO College leads vocational training in SA, aligned with the state’s new skills policy to foster a dynamic workforce for the next decade. As a preferred provider of the Department of Education for VET qualifications, our offerings span Horticulture, Landscape Construction, Sports Turf Management, Production Horticulture, Landscape Design, Conservation and Ecosystem Management, and Parks and Gardens, encompassing the full spectrum of ‘green’ vocational education. ARO College leads vocational training in Horticulture SA, aligned with the state’s new skills policy to foster a dynamic workforce for the next decade.

Skilled. Thriving. Connected. outlines significant reforms for South Australia’s skills system to ensure the State has the skilled workforce it needs now and into the future, and aims to direct more investment to the sectors and industries that are a priority for the state including early childhood education, renewable energy, defence, and building and construction. Moreover, this will enhance vocational training in horticulture SA, ensuring a skilled future for the state.

ARO College was delighted that the SA Department of Education have highlighted “Quality Training” as a Focus Area of their newly announced Skilled. Thriving. Connected. initiative to prepare South Australia with the skills and trades needed for the future.

Two of the key reforms set out in the new policy resonate strongly with ARO College’s education principles:

  1. A stronger focus on learner well-being and completions – rather than focusing solely on commencements.
  2. Having a greater emphasis on ensuring the quality and integrity of training providers and employers.


ARO College is uniquely positioned to deliver the vocational education outcomes South Australians need. Our trainers are experienced, and our sessions allow for mentoring and a personalised learner journey.

Our worksite-based approach to training allows students to undertake practical assessments using real-life tools, locations, and scenarios. While the public provider offers some qualifications, only ARO College can offer a complete career progression for people engaged in landscape construction and horticulture industries! We don’t have “classes” and “intakes” – you can start anytime.

The different qualification levels we offer:

Starting with a Certificate II for school students wanting to have a “taste” of a green outdoor career (AHC21621 or AHC20422) we can work closely with high school VET/SACE Coordinators.

Trainees of all ages and genders can undertake Certificate III qualifications as part of a Training Contract with Skills SA so they learn while they earn (AHC31921 or AHC30722).

Experienced workers can undertake a Certificate IV to upskill them for Supervisory roles (AHC42021 or AHC40422).

Additionally, we offer Diploma in Horticulture Management, Landscape Design, and Landscape Construction Management for individuals who are ready to step into Managerial roles.


We also offer the Agricultural Chemical Skills Set (AHCSS00074) This skillset is comprised of 2 units that teach participants the skills and knowledge required to transport, handle, store prepare and apply chemicals.

This course, held at our Hahndorf location over 3 fun and informative days, is open to the public and bookings and payments can be made via our website. Plus, we provide great coffee and snacks!

So if you want to be Skilled, Thriving and Connected through vocational training in SA, call our team today at 08 8339-1066 for a chat about what the right course might be for you!