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AHC30716 – Certificate III in Horticulture

The Certificate III in Horticulture provides training that, when combined with workplace experience, will give you the skills to work as a general horticulturalist within the turf, landscape, production and nursery sectors.  

AHC20416 – Certificate II in Horticulture

The Certificate II in Horticulture qualification provides skills in recognising plants, undertaking planting tasks, using correct pruning techniques and collecting plant specimens.

AHC40416 – Certificate IV in Horticulture

The Certificate IV in Horticulture prepares persons for supervisory job roles in the horticulture industry, and perform tasks involving technical skills and supervisory skills to operate, monitor and improve performance of horticultural systems and projects, and may supervise staff.

AHC50416 – Diploma of Horticulture

The Diploma of Horticulture reflects the role of those who manage amenity horticultural enterprises where a range of skills and knowledge across the breadth of the industry is required or personnel working in horticulture at a level requiring higher technical skills.  

AHC31021 – Certificate III in Parks and Gardens

The Certificate III in Parks and Gardens teaches the skills and knowledge for trade level roles in the parks and gardens industry including gardener, greenkeeper and groundsperson.

AHC21621 – Certificate II in Landscaping

The Certificate II in Landscaping prepares a person with the skills and knowledge for supporting job roles in the landscape industry including landscape labourer.

AHC30921 – Certificate III in Landscape Construction

The Certificate III in Landscape Construction provides skills and knowledge in areas including building concrete, brick / block / stone structures and features, installing drainage systems, implementing paving and retaining wall projects, offering information on plants and their culture, and constructing soil profiles.  

AHC20919 – Certificate II in Sports Turf Management

This qualification describes the skills and knowledge for entry level workers and support roles within sports turf management. These workers mainly carry out routine and structured tasks under direct supervision, with limited judgement requirements. This qualification is suitable as a pre-apprenticeship or school-based program for introduction to the sports turf management industry.

AHC31319 – Certificate III in Sports Turf Management

Individuals with this qualification perform tasks autonomously involving a broad range of skills that are applied in a wide variety of sports turf facilities and workplaces. They exercise discretion and judgement in planning tasks, selecting and operating equipment, coordinating resources and applying contingency measures during work.

AHC21020 – Certificate II in Conservation and Ecosystem Management

The qualification enables individuals to select and develop basic factual, technical and procedural knowledge in conservation and ecosystem management for Indigenous land management, lands, parks and wildlife services and the restoration and rehabilitation of ecosystems.

AHC31421 – Certificate III in Conservation and Ecosystem Management

Individuals with this qualification perform a range of conservation and ecosystem management activities including, site restoration, rehabilitation and renewal and management of the rural and natural landscapes, degraded sites, and marine environments. They contribute to the preservation and maintenance of wildlife and their habitat in the natural ecosystem, parks and reserves. Activities frequently involve working […]

AHCSS00074 – Agricultural Chemical Skill Set

PLACES ARE LIMITED! Stay tuned for the next session date at Hahndorf SA. This skill set describes the skills and knowledge required to transport, handle, store, prepare and apply chemicals.